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Compliance checklist

Annual report reference (page numbers refer to the PDF version of the full report online).

The annual report compliance checklist.
Compliance type Summary of requirement Basis for requirement Annual report reference
Letter of compliance A letter of compliance from the accountable officer or statutory body to the relevant Minister/s ARRs—section 7 Letter of compliance p 3
Accessibility Table of contents Glossary ARRs—section 9.1 Glossary of terms p 79–81
Accessibility Public availability ARRs—section 9.2 About our annual report p 7
Accessibility Interpreter service statement Queensland Government
Language Services Policy
ARRs—section 9.3
p 4
Accessibility Copyright notice Copyright Act 1968 ARRs—section 9.4 p 4
Accessibility Information licensing QGEA—Information Licensing ARRs—section 9.5 p 4
General information Introductory information ARRs—section 10.1 From the Director-General p 8
General information Agency role and main functions ARRs—section 10.2 Who we are p 11–17
Legislation administered by the department p 17
Our locations p 71–74
General information Operating environment ARRs—section 10.3 Our operating environment p 17
Non-financial performance Government’s objectives for the community ARRs—section 11.1 Our vision and strategic objectives p 15–16
Non-financial performance Other whole-of-government plans and specific initiatives ARRs—section 11.2 Other whole-of-government plans and specific initiatives p 46
Non-financial performance Agency objectives and performance indicators ARRs—section 11.3 2016–17: performance highlights p 9–10
Our strategic objectives p 15
Non-financial performance Agency service areas and service standards ARRs—section 11.4 Our service performance p 18–46
Financial performance Summary of financial performance ARRs—section 12.1 Our financial performance p 75–78
Governance—management and structure Organisational structure ARRs—section 13.1 Our structure p 13
Governance—management and structure Executive management ARRs—section 13.2 Our governance p 47–57
Governance—management and structure Government bodies (statutory bodies and other entities) ARRs—section 13.3 View other Annual report information
Governance—management and structure Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 Public Sector Ethics Act 1994
ARRs—section 13.4
Ethics and code of conduct p 65
Governance—management and structure Queensland public service values ARRs—section 13.5 Our values p 16
Governance—risk management and accountability Risk management ARRs—section 14.1 Risk Management and Audit and Risk Management Committee p 53–55
Governance—risk management and accountability Audit committee ARRs—section 14.2 Audit and Risk Management Committee p 53
Governance—risk management and accountability Internal audit ARRs—section 14.3 Audit arrangements p 55
Governance—risk management and accountability External scrutiny ARRs—section 14.4 External assurance p 56–57
Governance—risk management and accountability Information systems and record-keeping ARRs—section 14.5 Information systems and knowledge management p 57
Governance—human resources Workforce planning and performance ARRs—section 15.1 Our people p 58–70
Governance—human resources Early retirement, redundancy and retrenchment Directive No.11/12 Early
Retirement, Redundancy and Retrenchment
Directive No.16/16 Early Retirement, Redundancy and Retrenchment (from 20 May 2016)
ARRs—section 15.2
Separations p 68
Open Data Statement advising publication of information ARRs—section 16 About our annual report p 7
Open Data Consultancies ARRs—section 33.1 Queensland Government data
Open Data Overseas travel ARRs—section 33.2 Queensland Government data
Open Data Queensland Language Services Policy ARRs—section 33.3 Queensland Government data
Financial statements Certification of financial statements FAA—section 62
FPMS—sections 42, 43 and 50
ARRs—section 17.1
Financial statements–Part B p 49
Financial statements Independent Auditor’s Report FAA—section 62
FPMS—section 50
ARRs—section 17.2
Financial statements–Part B p 50–51

FAA: Financial Accountability Act 2009
FPMS: Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009
ARRs: Annual report requirements for Queensland Government agencies

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Last updated
9 October 2017
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