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Our vision and strategic objectives

Our vision

Our vision is a better Queensland through science, innovation and technology.

Our strategic objectives

To achieve our vision, we deliver three broad service areas that achieve our objectives of:

Advancing Queensland through innovation

  • Design and implement policies that support innovation-led growth and enhance Queensland’s position as a global innovation hub.
  • Commission programs that:
    • support entrepreneurship
    • enable businesses to innovate and grow
    • translate research into economic and societal benefits.

Improving services for Queenslanders

  • Provide clear, better and easier access to leading-edge services designed around the citizen.
  • Increase digital inclusion to boost citizens’ opportunities to flourish in the digital age.
  • Make it easier for businesses and organisations to engage with government.

Improving services for government

  • Provide high-quality government-to-government services and advice.
  • Set strategic direction, advise, provide assurance, pilot and implement leading-edge digital services.
  • Provide scientific advice, information, monitoring and modelling services to underpin policies and services that protect and enhance Queensland’s natural resources and the environment.

We contribute to the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community by:

  • driving innovation-led growth to help foster job creation and a diverse economy
  • providing scientific services to help protect the environment
  • enabling frontline services by working with agencies to put people at the centre of service design
  • harnessing digital platforms to contribute to building safe, caring and connected communities.

Our success indicators

  • A flourishing innovation ecosystem in Queensland with:
    • a higher rate of startup formation
    • increased business and jobs growth through innovation
    • increased collaboration between business, industry and the science base
    • greater translation of research into benefits to Queensland.
  • Greater impact and value for money from our programs, systems and services.
  • Improved customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Improved employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Service quality and outcomes that meet or exceed relevant industry benchmarks.

Our values

A workforce of engaged, connected and capable individuals who are motivated to deliver better outcomes for Queenslanders is critical to our success. We support a positive organisational culture through our values:

Customers First Icon

Customers first

  • We know our customers
  • We deliver what matters
  • We make decisions with empathy

Ideas in Action Icon

Ideas into action

  • We challenge the norm and suggest solutions
  • We encourage and embrace new ideas

Be Courageous Icon

Be courageous

  • We own our actions, successes and mistakes
  • We take calculated risks
  • We act with transparency

Unleash Potential Icon

Unleash potential

  • We expect greatness
  • We lead and set clear expectations
  • We seek, provide and act on feedback

Empower People Icons

Empower people

  • We lead, empower and trust
  • We play to everyone’s strengths
  • We develop ourselves and those around us

Our role

Developments in technology and the growth of digitally connected societies and economies are increasingly driving our progress. New opportunities will come as we build on our traditional strengths, successfully leverage trends in digitisation, big data, robotics and cognitive computing, and create new industries.

Through the Advance Queensland agenda, we are backing ideas that are creating jobs now and for the future, supporting local businesses to start and grow, and making the lives of Queenslanders better.

We are harnessing strategic opportunities to build a stronger and more diversified Queensland economy. In an increasingly competitive global economy, we are positioning Queensland as a vibrant research and innovation hub and an attractive destination for research and development, venture capital and industry investment.

Innovation and digital transformation are also at the heart of delivering improved public services and increasing collaboration between government, business and customers. We are capturing existing and emerging technologies to deliver better and more cost-effective services—where, when and how citizens want to access them.


  • nurture and attract scientific and entrepreneurial talent
  • invest in the translation of scientific research to deliver economic, social and environmental outcomes for Queensland
  • increase collaboration between business, industry and the research base, and with international partners
  • increase the rate of startup formation and address barriers to growth for innovative businesses
  • provide investment and increase co-investment to build Queensland’s capacity to conduct innovative research and development, and to attract and retain the best and brightest
  • encourage greater innovation in government and the benefits of government as a lead customer for emerging technologies
  • develop and deliver innovative, digitally-enabled and integrated government services that are simpler and faster for the community to access online or through phone and counter channels
  • assist Queensland public authorities to manage and preserve public records in a usable form, and improve community access to such records
  • provide trusted scientific services and technical advice to the public sector, government agencies, industry and the community to underpin environmental and natural resource management, planning, decision-making and policy-setting
  • lead complex, multi-agency ICT programs and projects, manage ICT strategic sourcing and procurement arrangements, and facilitate related engagement between the ICT industry and government
  • provide an extensive range of ICT and corporate services to government through the agencies of CITEC and Queensland Shared Services (QSS).

We deliver our core business through three key service areas. These are detailed in the Our service performance section.

Our operating environment

We deliver our policy initiatives and programs within a complex operating environment that is influenced by factors including:

  • globalisation, digital transformation, new technologies and business strategies that are rapidly diversifying and reshaping markets, industries and communities
  • innovation as the primary driver of productivity growth, job creation and long-term prosperity and living standards
  • citizen demand for access to digitally-driven, personalised and predictive government services
  • rapid growth in automation, cloud-based, platform and as-a-service models, and hyper-connectivity through the internet of things—bringing the ability to transform public service models
  • the need for enhanced digital skills, connectivity and inclusion if Queensland is to flourish as a global innovation hub, and people and businesses are to reach their full potential.

Our strategic risks

Considering our strategic opportunities and recognising our connected and diverse responsibilities, DSITI’s key strategic risks are to:

  • ensure our resourcing and capability supports effective delivery of government priorities and services
  • be agile enough to integrate new technologies and business models quickly and effectively
  • predict or respond rapidly to changing customer needs and expectations
  • ensure government can prevent and respond effectively to emerging cyber risks.

Legislation administered by the department

As at 30 June 2017, the department administered the following Acts:

  • Biodiscovery Act 2004
  • Gene Technology (Queensland) Act 2016
  • Libraries Act 1988
  • Public Records Act 2002
  • Schools of Arts (Winding Up and Transfer) Act 1960
  • Schools of Arts (Winding Up and Transfer) Act Amendment Act 1981
  • Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project Agreement Act 1998.
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Last updated
9 October 2017
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